>> We have cure 10,000 patient in Asthma. >> Alzihmer is Now 100% curable. >> Medicine researched to cure Parkinson's Disease. (Patient is completely cured) >> New Video of Ayush program uploaded. Dr. Pradip Doshi's Interview on Asthma. >> Multiple Sclerosis is now Cured & Curable. >> Pancratisis patient gets Cured (Bhaveshbhai). >> Kidney failure cured - many patients Cured >> Cancer Cured (Anandiben Patel)
Kidney Failure Cured by Dr. Pradip A. Doshi
Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) Cured
Deafness Cured in 3 days of treatment by Dr. Pradip A. Doshi
Allergic Asthma & Bronchitis is 100% curable by Dr. Pradip A. Doshi
Itching In Palms and body cured by Dr. Pradip A. Doshi with in a month
Myasthenia Gravis can be Cured
Droppind of Neck, Cervical Vertibral Problem And sciatica Cured
Piles cured without surgery
Diabetes is cured by Medicines
Asthma is Cured With in 3 Months
Gallbladder Stone is Cured Without Operation
Alzheimer's is Cured
Improvement In Appetite & Concentration
Osteoarthritis,Knee Joint & Swelling is Cured
Cone is Cured
Piles Cured within 15 Days
Rebirth from Death-bed
Prostate Enlargement got cured without operation
Diabeties & BoneTB Cure & Cured
Obesity & Arthrities Cure & Cured
Psoriasis Cure & Cured
Allergy & Asthma Cure & Asthma cured
Psoriasis Cure & Cured
Backache,Sciatica & Arthrities cured
Brain Power, Memory & Confidence Increased
Headache & Migrain cured
Diarrhoea & Indigestion cured
Cerebal Palsy & Epilepsy Cured
Kidney Failure is recovered & Dialysis decreased
Memory & Confidence increase
Warts In Nose Cured
Alzheimer's Cured

Improvement In Mental Retardation Only in 3 years


Arthritis & Accident Pain Cured with Accupuncture & Homoeopathy By Dr. Pradip Doshi


Chronic Headache Cured within a month


Allergy cured - Saved from being Asthmatic by Dr. Pradip Doshi's Homeopathic Treatment


Corns cured with in 15 days with Dr .Pradip Doshi's Medication


Dr. Pradip Doshi Treating Parrot


Dr. Pradip Doshi's Interview On Acupuncture on National Television


Asthma - Dr. Pradip Doshi's Interview on Doordarshan


Asthma - Dr. Pradip Doshi's Interview on Doordarshan


Dr. Pradip Doshi's Interview On Kidney Stone In Kidney Research Institute , Civil , Ahmedabad

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