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Intestinal Cancer

I Surrendrakumar Netaram was suffering form Intestinal Cancer. My family doctors said that after operation you will be all right but after a month of operation he said me you have do the Chemotherapy course or you will die with 3-4 month. friend of my father's suggested me to Mr. Pradip Doshi.

After looking to the report Dr. Pradip Doshi said infact no was operation required. I have started the treatment. Now I am very well after the treatment from Dr. Pradip Doshi. He is God for me. My personal feeling is Cancer patient must see Dr. Pradip Doshi and follow the instruction and I am sure the Cancer will cure he will be all right like me.


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Kidney failure
Mrs.Jashodaben K.Shah
In 1998 I Jashodaben had a problem of Right Kidney when I visited my family doctors he suggest me to refer well known neurologist, on examination and sonography report my kidney size is reduced and Creatinine was normal. After that I stop further treatment.
In 1987 I was having headache problem and I was not able to take food when I consult the doctor for check up, as per report my Blood 56 and Creatinine 3. After report I have started the treatment the report of Creatinine 3.4 then 3.7 hemoglobin was reduced from 12.5 to 10.5. I was facing lot of problem.
After that I refer to Dr. Pradip Doshi, he checked up the entire report and started the treatment within few days I was very much relief .Now, there is no headache nor any problem and I am perfectly all right and every report comes normal.

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Kidney Failure is recovered & Dialysis decreased
Shushil Vaghela
My father Shailendra Singh Vaghela suffering from Chronic Renal failure. My name is Shushil Vaghela. My father Shailendra Singh Vaghela suffering from Chronic Renal failure (Kidney failure). He was treated by all types of medicine. I am native of Alirajpur, Madhyapradesh. My relative Mr. Prakash Jain, Mrs. Shraddhaben Jain and Dr. Nagar had suggested Dr. Pradip Doshi’s name and address to get the proper treatment of Kidney failure with Homeopathy, Naturopathy & Hurble therapy. They told me he is having very good medicine to recover Kidney failure. He grows all the medicines in his own farm. We decided to start my father treatment according to his complaints and reports. He was bed ridden then. According to doctors it was very difficult unless he goes on dialysis 3 times a week. But after Dr. Pradip Doshi’s treatment, on 4th day my father stood up and was able to walk. He got miraculous energy. Now dialysis has reduced to once in 15 days. He is recovering and frequency of dialysis is also reducing. He is very much improved in the all the symptoms of Kidney failure. I and My father are thankful to Dr. Pradip Doshi for recovering father from Kidney failure and reducing frequency of Dialysis.
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Mr.Babubhai Jinabhai Bharwad
I am 72 years old.
I had type II Diabetes since 30 years which is considered as hereditary. My father expired at the age of 72 years; my two elder brothers expired at the age of 75 years & 62 years respectively & two younger brothers also expired at the age of 62 years & 52 years respectively due to Diabetes. I have grey hair due to age. I was feeling weakness, pain in legs. I had heart attack twice due to Diabetes. By Allopathic & Ayurvedic treatment I was feeling better, but there remained one type of dullness in me. Diabetes never got normal.
In March ’03 I consulted Dr.Pradip A.Doshi & started his treatment. With his advice I started taking ‘Drops’ for Diabetes made by him. Within few days, my all complaint was almost NIL & within 3 Months, my Diabetes was under control. Today, at the age 72 years, I feel fresh & have more stamina as the young man of 27 year. Above this, with Dr. Doshi’s advice, I started taking confistrenfer drops & shata sanjivani drops. With this drops, my health improved & my 25% hair turned black which were only 10% black. According to me, shata sanjivani drops will give 100 years of health to my body & mind.
Due to modern life style, today’s youth have turned old. Their hairs are almost grey. My advice to them & I wish that today’s youth should take shata sanjivani drops & live healthy life for 100 years.
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Aabedaben Momin
My name is Aabedaben Momin. I was suffering from Diabetes since last 10-12 years. I had lots of problems like Blood Pressure, Leg Pain, heel pain, etc. I had lost interest in life. I didn’t like anything. During this phase of my life, I came to know of Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi who was treating Diabetes. We came to him and he told me that I will be alright. I thought how was it possible? Since so many years, in spite of taking medicines I have not recovered now how I will recover. But I started his medicines from 01-11-`02. I took the Drops which he gave me regularly, followed his instructions regarding food and now you can see that I have recovered so much. I got a ray of hope & felt that I will be recovered completely and to-day I am. Now I can walk easily, soles of my feet were thick with burning sensation is also cured. My pains are gone & I can do all my activities very smoothly. I am a teacher & I perform my duties there also very well. No dullness is left in me. No pains of Diabetes are left. You won’t believe, in the beginning I used to take 52 units Hormone, then 38, then 26, then 20 and to-day no Hormone. To-day, I take only one tablet & his Drops. My Diabetes is only 141, completely Normal which normal humans also don’t have. To-day I am leading a normal life with 141 diabetes & I am thankful to Pradipbhai Doshi & Pritiben. I was living without any hopes of recovery; in spite of it I got rays of hope to live, for that my lots of blessings to them. If you will take his medicine regularly, then you all will also get cured.
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Diabetes, Bone T.B. got cured
Chandanben Kotadia
In 2001, I got fever, oedema in the lungs, backache. Spinal biopsy done at 4 different laboratories & all had different reports. Treatment of Bone T.B. was also given to me, but no recovery. I had itching on whole body. I was then hospitalised at Mumbai’s welknown Hospital. But inspite of their treatment, yet there was no improvement, instead I got bed-ridden. Finally we came back to Ahmedabad & started Dr.Pradip Doshis treatment from 24-2-02. Within a week, I got relief. I was able to do my work on my own. Today I am completely healthy. My backache is gone. Diabetes- which was never under control inspite of taking injections, is now normal with Dr. Pradip Doshis herbal drops- I am completely healthy to-day at the age of 77 yrs.& I feel very good.
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Relief from knee joint pain & Heel pain without operation
Pushpaben Chhatriwala
I am Pushpaben Chhatriwala, 34 years old. Since 3-4 years I had both heel pains. Also both knees were paining. I also had body ache. I was having frequent fever. In the beginning, I consulted orthopedic doctor. According to him it was Arthritis. I got some relief with his medicines, but pain started when I didn’t took the medicines. I was much upset due to the pain. At that time, as per my sister-in-law’s advice, I consulted Dr.Pradip Doshi. He listened me carefully & gave me confidence that I will be completely alright. Within 15 days I found relief. He also showed me some exercises which I did regularly. After 1 year approx. of his treatment, my heel & knee joint pain was cured completely.
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Heel pain
Sheelaben Nalinbhai Gandhi
My name is Sheelaben Nalinbhai Gandhi. I had read an article of Dr.Pradip Doshi in newspaper. I had pain in leg & heel. My weight was more. I met Dr.Saheb. He gave me courage & said that I will cure your pain & will also decrease your weight. He started Acupuncture treatment on 05-05-’03 & by 17-05-’03, my weight which was 79 Kgs. was reduced to 75 Kgs. & my heel pain also was very less.
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My Knee Joint Pain is gone
Kiranben Rawal, 8-9-01
Hon’ble Dr.Pradip Doshi Sir, Namaste. I am writing this letter to thank you. Sir, I had severe pain in both my knees since 8 years. I was troubled with my pain. I was unable to keep my feet on floor or climb stairs. I took Ayurvedic treatment, Orthopaedic treatment, but I had no improvement. During that period I read your Article regarding Knee Jt. Pain in Gujarat Samachar & wrote you a letter. In reference to the answer, I personally came to your Clinic & informed you about my problems. The confidence with which you said that I will be cured completely, I kept trust in your words & medicines & started Acupuncture treatment with your advise & just like magic, my pain subsided & now after 8 months of starting medicines, I’m completely cured. I have no prblem. The trust I kept in you proved fruitful to me. Sir, for us, you are not less than God. It would be less even if I thank you again & again. Sir, you are really saviour to greived people. Releiver of pain.
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Lumbago & Knee joint pain
Indiraben P. Mehta
I got severe pain in legs, knee joints & backache when I was more then 60 yrs. of age. I took many medicines from different doctors, Physiotherapy treatment, but it didn’t worked out. I had no relief.
Then I came to Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi. He saw all my reports & listened my complaints. He advised me to take Acupuncture treatment & my pains are gone. I have no problem in sitting or walking. I, Indiraben P. Mehta, am really thankful to Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi for curing me & giving me right advice.
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I lost my weight & got relief in knee Jt. Pain
Kirti Desai
I am Kirti Desai. My weight was more & I had knee Jt. pain. So I came to Dr. Pradip Doshi. I started taking Acupuncture treatment. Within a month, I lost 5 kgs. weight, also incheswise. My knee Jt. pain was also relieved & my confidence also increased. For this I am thankful to Pradip Doshi & his Institute. I wish to continue the treatment so that I get relief in every way in future also. Thank You.
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I’m cured from Elbow Pain
Nayanbhai Parikh, 17-11-94
My name is Nayanbhai Parikh. Last February I had pain in my elbow. For this I took treatment of 4 orthopaedic doctors. I also took 3 injections in elbow, but there was no relief or recovery, so finally I came to you- Dr.Pradip A. Doshi. With your medicines & Acupuncture treatment I am cured completely within few days only. I thank you very much for this.
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My Husband's Optic nerve atropy & Depression is Cured
Shamimben Vora

My name is Shamimben Vora. My husband’s name is Moiz A. Vora. He is 47 years old. Since his age of 5-6 years, he had eye problem. His eyes were operated twice in Civil Hospital as per Doctors advice, but there was no improvement. Again in 1985 one more operation was done. Doctor’s medicines were going on. We got Dr.Doshi’s address in 2002. We consulted him & started his medicines & there was much improvement, but we stopped medicines in 2001. Again we started it in 2004. He is better now. Before his medicines, my husband stayed depressed & tensed due to his eye problem. He was unable to go to his work. With his treatment, my husband can see properly, can move out easily, and does his work on his own. We are thankful to Dr.Pradip Doshi.

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Depression, Anxiety, Myasthenia Gravis
Mrudula Shantibhai Sanghvi
I am Mrudula Shantibhai Sanghvi. Suddenly my health started worsening. I can’t swallow food; throat got dry, tasteless feeling, ulcers on lips, problem in speaking, cracks on tongue, and ulcers on lips. Gradually my Appetite got very low & within 3 months my weight decreased to 45 kgs. From 75 kgs.
We consulted & took treatment for 8 months from different welknown Neuro-surgeons, Physicians, Gastro-entrologists of Ahmedabad, but no recovery. Inspite of improving, my health worsened more. Due to severe weakness, I was almost Bed-ridden. I was depressed.I had continuous irrelevant thoughts & anxiety.
During this period, our relative Kantibhai Ajmera compelled us to consult Dr.Pradipbhai who was his friend. We were also known of Dr.Pradip Doshi as we were reading his Articles in newspapers. We consulted him. He listened all my complaints very carefully & saw all my reports. He told me that you will be completely cured. This words gave me lots of hope. To my great surprise, within 15 days of treatment, I started improving.
My Appetite improved & gradually my Weight increased. All my physical & psychological problems were cured. My anxiety was gone. I found new strength & stamina of life in me. Before starting Dr.Doshi”s treatment, my complaints were not diagnosed properly, so I had doubts of having Cancer, but by Dr.Pradipbhai”s treatment, within six months I was completely cured.
After 3 years I had problem of “Dropping Eyes”, alongwith it I had severe headache. We consulted Eye Specialist. He diagnosed it as “Myasthenia Gravis” & said that the treatment of this disease is available abroad. Great actor Amitabh Bachhan also had same problem & he was also cured there. But I did not want to go abroad for the treatment. So I again consulted Dr.Pradeepbhai Doshi & with his treatment I recovered completely from this disease.
With youe “Confistrenth Drops”, I got lots of benefits. I wish other patients also get cure with your valuable treatment. My disease was considered “incurable”, but with Dr.Pradipbhai”s deep interest in patient & caring treatment, to-day I am completely cured. With my experience, I would like to enlighten people that Depression is also curable & every disease is curable, complete your treatment with full faith & patience.

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I’m cured from Indigestion, Depression
Sharma Hariprasad N.
I Hariprasad, was studying in M.B.A. before 1 yr. During that, I had indigestion, loss of appetite, uneasiness, sleeplessness, low feeling, etc. I took advice & treatment from 2 Allopathic doctors from Bhavnagar & 2 from Patan, but I was not cured completely. One day I read an article of Dr. Pradip Doshi in Gujarat Samachar & the case mentioned in it was similar to me. So I consulted him & started his treatment .Within a week, my appetite improved, food got digested properly & my confidence increased. Gradually, I started getting good sleep.
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I’m cured from Depression
Pravinchandra K. Joshi
My name is Pravinchandra K. Joshi. Since long I had Depression. I was unable to get sound sleep. Continuous thinking, uneasiness, congestion, low appetite, exertion etc. were my complaints. I took treatment from many Psychiatrists. With their treatment I was feeling good for some days, but again same complaints occurred. Due to this frequent recurrence, I was totally disturbed & depressed. I thought that I will never be alright. But, fortunately I came to know about Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi & started his treatment. Within 2 months all my complaints are gone & I am completely alright. I have gained confidence & positive thinking towards life. Moreover, the nature & behaviour of Dr. Saheb & his staff provides us homely atmosphere & increases our resistance power.
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I gained confidence & came out of Depression
Nilam Panchal
My name is Nilam . I started your Homoeopathy treatment since April, 01. I got much recovery with your medicines. Before starting Doshi Saheb’s treatment, I was suffering from inferiority complex & Depression. I had many talents in me, but I felt that I could not do that. I felt inferior while talking to someone. Whatever work I was doing, I did it with fear that it will be done alright or not. I was cooking food with no interest, eat anything ready without any choice. Lastly I felt that I don’t want to live, I should commite suicide or go away forever to any ‘ Ashram’. Now I feel like doing new work due to which my mind stays fresh. Mental fear is also gone. Since last few months, I’am able to do any difficult work very easily. My inner talents have come out. My will- power has become strong, so I have solved many of my personal problems. Previously I was dependent on others for any small or big decisions . But with your medicines I can take my own decisions & got success also. Before taking Confistrength, I was thinking that I can’t do this, I’m unable to do this but with Confistrength everything is possible. Inspite of studying in Gujarati medium, this ability came in me only due to Confistrength. With Confistrength, my memory is also improved. Mental fear is gone. I have solved many problems of my life with full confidence. My inner strength is developed, so enthusiasm for teaching students is also developed. I talk with anyone with full confidence. I gained a new lifestyle through this medicines. I recovered very soon & within very short period by Confistrength. It is very useful for Memory, Confidence, Concentration. I have come out of Depression due to this medicine. I gained ability to solve any problem of my life easily. due to Confistrength. I request everyone to take Confistrength & gain results. For this, I am very thankful to Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi.
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I have recovered from Depression
Kusumben Acharya, 3-6-2004
Since 1 .5 year approx. I had many problems like fast heart beats, BP, gas, acidity, depression, nervousness, weakness, etc. We took many Allopathy & Ayurvedic medicines in Mumbai, but there was no relief. In between, we came to Ahmedabad & my sister Bharti shukla, who also was taking treatment of Dr.Pradip Doshi, advised me to take Homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Doshi. We started Dr.Doshi’s treatment since December 2003 & now I am much relieved. I stay happy now as I got rid of big problems like Depression, heartbeats, etc. I feel energetic. I had lost interest in life, but now I enjoy it. Since approx. 6 months we have shifted to Ahmedabad & we spent our time very happily.This is all due to Dr.Doshi’s treatment & I’m thankful to him. To-day I remember Pritiben’s words of first day that you will be definitely cured.
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Mental tension
Falguni S. Dave
It’s my great pleasure and privilige to thank heartily abd sincerely Dr. Pradeep Doshi for prescribing me the confistrength drops. This medicine helped me a lot in coming over the mental tension which disturbed me and my carear very often. I believe that Homeopathy is a good antidote to such sickness, so thanks to Homeopathic treatment too. I had a quick recovery.
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I am Mrs.Godadra. My son Parva was born with a tendency of Diarrhea. His first Stool Report was such that he will not digest mother’s milk, because he did not had the enzymes which digests mother’s milk, he did not had lactose-glucose tolerance. He had approximately 25 to 30 watery stools daily. Before passing stool, there was typical noise from his stomach which we considered gas formation. So I was given home remedies so that he could digest milk and get less harassment. Neither he could sleep, nor do I. He was suffering a lot. Treatment was started, but there was no recovery. He was born at Vadodara, but due to our transfer we shifted to Ahmedabad. Here we consulted a well-known specialist of Intestines who is my relative. He informed us that what you consider gas is not gas but fermentation which does not allows digesting milk & stool stales inside. He stopped giving outside milk & mother’s milk & started a nutritious powder made from Soybean. His health improved due to it, but diarrhea continued. As he grew old, he learnt to sit, walk four-legged, put fingers, napkin, and hankie in mouth, due to it he immediately caught severe infection & he always had 18-20 pus cells in his stool report. Due to frequent antibiotic courses, his health became weak, his growth was slow. Teething process started earlier, but it took long time to complete the denture & every time he got diarrhea, Phlegm & common cold as he had infection severity more than other children. My elder daughter had Allergic Bronchitis which was cured completely with Homoeopathy, so without taking any other medicines I thought of starting Homoeopathy & on inquiring, I came to know of Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi who is a very good & well-known doctor & no case of his has ever failed. So I immediately consulted him & he told me that all the problems of my son will be cured completely. I started his medicines with faith & patience. In the beginning there were some foods restrictions like not to give gram flour & Maida food, ghee, butter, etc. He was supposed to eat simple nutritious food & some seasonal fruits. With this, Parv’s health improved. His growth improved, his length increased. There was change in his nature. Gradually, with continuation of medicines, the problem of diarrhea decreased, he got normal stool & finally this problem of his cured completely & now Parv can eat all the food just like normal child, even the outside food & he has no digestion problem.
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Bhagwatiben Janardanbhai Vyas
I, Bhagwatiben Janardanbhai Vyas, aged 65 years got severe pain in lower abdomen & left side waistline in Sept,”02. I consulted Family doctor & Gastro-entrologist who suggested for X-ray, Sonography. Both Reports showed Renal & Ureteric Stone in crystal form. Doctor advised to drink more water & to take Painkillers three times a day. Doctor asked me to stop Tomatoes, Green Vegetables, Milk etc. in my food. Due to this, I got relief for some time, but Stone was not removed.
We had heard lot about Dr. Pradipbhai Doshi & his Homoeopathy treatment, so on 3rd October I consulted him with all my Reports. On 08-10-2002 I felt that Stone got removed. Then I waited for 1 week to see if pain recurs, but there was no pain again & I informed Dr.Pradipbhai about this. On 14-11-02 & 23-11-02, I had my Sonography & X-ray done in which there were no Stones.
Really, Homoeopathy treatment proved blessings to me & my lots of thanks to Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi.
I hope that other patients should also take Homoeopathy treatment with patience & confidence, so that they can achieve a lot.
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My Renal stone was remove without operation
Rajendra Purohit, 15-5-2001
  My name is Rajendra Purohit. I was taking medicines for common cold from Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi. One day, suddenly I got Renal Stone pain. Previously, I had undergone Laser reatment thrice. This time also I had fixed my appointment for Laser treatment. But I thought of informing & taking advice of Dr.Pradipbhai about my pain. He assured me that there will be no need for surgery and gave me Homeopathic medecines and to my surprise, after three days my stone was removed. I thank Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi from the bottom of my heart.
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My Uretic Stone got removed without Operation
Mita Bhatt
I, Mita Bhatt, got abdominal pain on 01-10-2002. I had problem in urination also. On morning of 11-10-“02, I got severe abdominal pain. So I started Allopathy treatment. During Check-up, doctor doubted of Stone. So he advised me for Urine Test, Blood Test, Sonography, X-ray. After seeing the Reports, he said that Stone was in Ureter & advised me to consult Urologist immediately. We consulted one & he suggested Surgery. Without undergoing Surgery, we consulted Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi on 15-10-2002 who was very known to us. He saw my Reports, listened my complaints carefully & said that my stone will be removed by Homoeopathy medicines only.There is no need to go for Surgery. He was absolutely right. After 1 week of treatment i.e. on 22nd October, my stone was removed without any pains. I am very thankful to Dr,Pradipbhai for this.
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Indumatiben “Harsh”
I am Indumatiben “Harsh”, aged 57 yrs. Since many years, I had dry coughing. I was getting relief with medicines for some time, but it was not cured. Since last 5 yrs. My coughing increased. I was somewhat Asthamatic. My coughing got worst with the change of season. Since 2 yrs.my voice also got affected due to coughing. According to doctors, I had Allergic Asthama & I have to complete the course whenever I had severe coughing & continue the medicines forever.
On 12-09-2002 I consulted Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi. He listened all my complaints carefully. He told me that I will be completely cured, provided I take the medicines regularly & follow the instructions properly. I started his treatment with full faith. After 2 days, I got relief in coughing. My voice also improved. This was just like a miracle. March & April were very problematic for me, but with Dr.Pradipbhai”s treatment, I faced no problems in these months also. My breathing problem is also cleared. I am able to do all my work properly. After 6 months of treatment, Dr.Saheb advised me to stop medicines. To-day, I am completely cured & healthy without any medicines.Dr.Pradipbhai”s medicines are excellent & his diagnosis is Perfect. I thank him for curing me.
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Hetal Nitinbhai Shah
My name is Hetal Nitinbhai Shah. My daughter is 8 years old. Her name is Miloni Shah. She had Skin problem in April 2002. Gradually problem increased. In the beginning we used to give her Avil. Her School started & then daily it started from evening & if she slept at that time for 1 hour & wake up, her whole body got affected. It was very difficult for us to take care of her at night. We were not able to study properly due to this problem. We used to apply ashes on her body, but there was no much recovery. We also kept her body open for 3-4 hrs, applied ashes, at last gave Avil, and then there was improvement after an hour. Then we started Allopathic treatment & she got somewhat relief, but he had stopped to give many eatable items. For 15 –20 days she was on roti, gourd, milk, khichdi & sometimes banana sabji, in breakfast mamra & paua. She gave full support & didn’t eat anything except these things. After 20 days more items were allowed to eat. After 2 months she got complete relief. But after 15 days cough started. We thought it as routine common cold-cough, so we treated her with different cough medicines, but it was in vain. Then we started giving half Ginset daily which gave some relief. She got harassment in school also. She couldn’t read or speak when more coughing. Then, in Dec.2002 we consulted Dr.Pradipbhai. We told him everything we suffered till the date. He assured us that our daughter will be cured completely. Within 10 days of his treatment, she got much recovery. Moreover, he didn’t stop any food. We were really surprised to see her recovery within 10 days, which we were suffering since 8 months. Previously we had to give her tablet for Allergy daily & the next day it was same. We hardly took 3months of treatment here & my daughter was completely cured. She had no food restrictions, no restriction for playing in water or dust, everything was allowed & she was able to do. Now she can study well. Even if she jumps or runs, she has no breathing problem or coughing. Now she has become beautiful.
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I’m cured from Asthama
Jayesh J. Pathak, 26-9-97
  Before 5-6 yrs. Breathing problem started which worsened in Winter & Monsoon. At that time I was taking Allopathy medicines. Breathing problem aggravated at night. Breathing problem subsided with medicines, but it was not cured permanently. I took treatment for 2 yrs. Then for next 2 yrs. also I took allopathy medicines regularly. Irritation on back started & I was’t cured, so I stopped it.
Then I consulted Dr.Pradip Doshi. With his treatment I am completely cured within 1 year. Now I can eat everything. Inspite of Allopathy medicines, I had breathing problem in winter & monsoon, but with Dr.Pradipbhai’s medicines, I had no problem in Winter & Monsoon. There is no side-effect of Dr.Doshi Saheb’s treatment. Medicines starts its effect from the beginning . You can also be cured, provided you take the medicines reglularly & follow his instructions religiously.
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I’am cured from Bronchial Asthama
Atul C. Rawal, 25-4-2001

Hon’ble Dr. Pradipbhai, Namaskar! Your articles were published every Wednesday In ‘ Gujarat Samachar’ about Homoeopathy, so I was acquainted, but I had never taken Homoeopathy medicines and to be honest I did not had much faith in it. But when I saw the results of your 20 day’s treatment in my friend Kirtibhai Parikh’s son Hardik for ‘Brain Tumor’, it inspried me to come to you First time when I came to you on 11 November, 2000 I had following problems:
1) Since 18 years Bronchial Asthama
2) Since 2 years Gall Bladder Stone
3) Since 2 years Hiatus Hernia
After listening my complaints carefully for 20 minutes, you said everything will be cured, but the treatment will be for longer period. When I started your treatment, I was taking Allopathic medicines two allopathic medicines for breathing problem is not much & acute breathing problem.

But, With your medicines I donot need to take any of this Medicnes & I have been completely Cured without is not taking any Medicines.

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My Asthama is cured
Vilasben Shanabhai Shah
  My name is Vilasben . Since approx 15 yrs. I was suffering from Asthama. Many doctors were consulted, but there was no relief. I was feeling as if I will die in a minute. I came to know about Pradipbhai through Gujarat Samachar & I thought of consulting him. I took Ayurvedic treatment, Allopathy treatment but all in vain. Finally I came to Pradipbhai. He consoled me much & said that I will definetely be cured. I started his treatment with full faith & within four months I was much relieved. Now I eat everything. I can eat banana, curd, buttermilk , ghee in any season, but it doesn’t harm me. I am completely healthy. I am 85 yrs. old now. I do not take any medicines now, not even general tonic & can go out anywhere easily. I send many patients to Pradipbhai and they all are also cured. I tell everyone that if you wish to get good treatment , then Pradipbhai is the best doctor. I am thankful to Dr.Pradipbhai.
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My Son is cured from Bone-marrow Failure
  My name is Umaben . Before 4-5 Yrs., my Son Chintan who was 22 yrs.old, Suddenly got pale. So, I took him to my known M.D. doctor. He advised me for X-ray, Blood test, Cardiogram, etc. All tests were done & it was found that blood count was only 4% . So he was hospitalised immediately at Jubille Hospital where 4 bottles of blood were transfused. Medicines & Injections were also given. He was releived from Hospital when his Blood Count came to 10 %, with the instruction of checking blood every week, taking medicines regularly & eating nutritious food. Inspite of all these, after 1 .5 month approximately, his Blood Count came down to 5 %. So the Doctor who was treating him advised some more tests & Bone- marrow was given for test, the report of wich was Bone-marrow failure. So he referred our case to Surgeon. He advised for Bone-marrow transplant & said that 5 lakhs rupees will be charged for Operation & 5 lakhs rupees for medicines. I was totally helpless, as doctor said that my son will survive for 1 week only. Our financial condition is not good. We work hard day & night to get our daily bread & butter. Previously my younger son also had Jaundice & due to frequent attacks of Jaundice, one day all of a sudden he lost his vision in one eye. So I hospitalised him for 17 days at Civil Hospital, but he had no improvement & doctors said that he will never get his vision back. I was severely depressed, because my one son lost his vision & second had no hopes of life. One day my brother read an article of Dr. Pradipbhai Doshi regarding Optic Never Atropy in newspaper. He informed me about it. I got his number from the Press & then consulted him for my younger son. I started my son’s treatment for Eyes. During this period, my elder son got Bone- marrow Failure. I had no money for Surgery or costly medicines. One day I talked with Dr. Pradipbhai about my elder son’s problem & showed him all the reports . He gave me courage & started medicines of both my sons at very concessional rates. Within 6 months, blood formation started, which specialists have gurantedly said that he won’t have more than 1% blood till he lives. I reglularly gave him medicines, Jwara Ras & nutritious food & my son’s body started forming new blood. Now he is living his normal life without medicines. With his excellency & interest in curing patient,Dr.Doshi gave my Son a new life. My younger son also got vision. He is able to study well & appeared in Exams very confidently. I am really greatful to Dr.Doshi Saheb without whom my son would have not survived. My children & I will never forget his Kindness & Concern shown to us. My Blessings are always with him.
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Miloni Shah
My name is Miloni Shah. I am 8 years old. In April 2002 I got skin allergy. I had lots of itching. I had to take Allopathic medicine daily. Then we started allopathic treatment. After 2 months, I was much improved. But coughing started. Every night I had to take one allopathic medicine at night. In December 2002, we started Dr.Pradipbhai’s treatment. After 10 days I was feeling better. After 2 months I was cured completely. Now I can eat everything & study properly.
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My name is K.N.Mehta. In 1993-94, I got psoriasis below the knee & lower part of leg. I was staying at Visnagar then. Even though my father is an Allopathic doctor, I took Homoeopathy medicines over there, as Allopath doesn’t works in this disease. But I had no much recovery. Due to my transfer I came to Ahmedabad in 1996. Once I read an article of Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi in Gujarat Samachar & I decided to consult him. I met him. I had trust in Homoeopathy since beginning & I started taking his treatment. I took it for 1 year as per his advice & I was cured completely. Previously I had bleeding & got spots on the body due to it, that were also gone completely. For 3 years I had none of these problems. But I took Allopathic medicines for breathing problem & due to that some spots
Started forming below the knee. So I immediately started his medicines & within few days I was completely cured. To-day, since 3-4 years, I don’t have any spots of it in my leg & everything is cured completely.
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I am cured from Psoriasis, Skin Disorder
Ramilaben Rawal, 7-5-2001
My name is Ramilaben Rawal. I’m 47 yrs. old. I have three children. I stay in joint family. My first delivery was in 1974 which was a Caesarian. After that I got Skin reaction. I took treatment of welknown Skin Specialist for 6 months. I got relief for 2 yrs. But, again skin reaction occurred. Again I took treatment from the same Skin Specialist. I got somewhat relief. During this period, in ‘76 my 2’nd caesarian was done & skin problem recurred. I felt releived for 1 yr. with treatment. Again in’83 my’3rd Caesarian was done & again I had skin problem. This time I took treatment from another Skin Specialist for 1 year., but I was not cured. So, I again consulted my previous Doctor. He said that no medicines works on you. So you better go to the Doctor I suggest. He gave me the address of Dr. Pradip A. Doshi who is a wellnown Homoeopath, Acupuncturist, Naturotherapist. ( We are not mentioning the name of the Skin Specialist to mainatain his respect. Patient has mentioned it.) With his advice, I consulted Dr. Pradip Doshi. I informed him about all my complaints. I had Thyroid problem in ’86 & Diabetes in ’01. I was quite depressed due to my illness & had lost all hopes. After listening me, Dr. Saheb assured me to cure me. He said that your problem is chronic, so it will take time to get cured, so have patience. I started his treatment. He had given me 1 yr. time, but within 2 months I got relief. I also got relief in Backache with his medicines. To- day, I am completely cured. One thing more, my son had problem of Piles. He had bleeding in stool for 6 months continously, Inspite of taking medicines. I talked about this problem with Dr.Doshi & he gave me medicines. My son was completely cured within 15 days. I am really grateful to Dr.Pradip Doshi for curing me & my son. He cured my problems which Specialists failed to cure. I wish he treats all patients & cure them & get their blessings. My blessings are always with him. For me, he is more than God.
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Chronic Skin disease, Piles, Psychological problems, etc. got cured
Rajesh kumar, 29-9-2004
I,Rajesh, had phychological problem in 82 & was taking Dr. Desai’s treatment. I got skin allergy due to reaction of allopathy medicine. I never had such allergy before. I took skin specialist’s, gold-medalists’ medicines since ’82 to’98, among them was a welknown skin specialist from V.S. Hospital & Naranpura, but my skin disease did not got cured. I got relief in Piles with medicines & following the instructions. But, finally in lots of problems & pains, I consulted you Dr.Pradip Doshi Saheb on 4-4-02 Thursday & with your medicines I am much better. When Dr.Sahebshree said that 20 yr.old skin problem will be cured 110%, then I felt that I got blessings of God through Dr.Doshi Saheb’s words & I was so pleased. At present my weakness, skin problem, mental fatigue,etc. is almost cured, for which I am thankful to Dr. Doshi Saheb.
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Myasthenia Gravis
Mrudula Shantibhai Sanghvi
I am Mrudula Shantibhai Sanghvi. Suddenly my health started worsening. I cant swallow food, throat got dry, tasteless feeling, ulcers on lips, problem in speaking, cracks on tongue, ulcers on lips. Gradually my Appetite got very low & within 3 months my weight decreased to 45 kgs. from 75 kgs.
We consulted & took treatment for 8 months from different welknown Neuro-surgeons, Physicians, Gastro-entrologists of Ahmedabad, but no recovery. Inspite of improving, my health worsened more. Due to severe weakness, I was almost Bed-ridden. I was depressed.I had continuous irrelevant thoughts & anxiety.
During this period, our relative Kantibhai Ajmera compelled us to consult Dr.Pradipbhai who was his friend. We were also known of Dr.Pradip Doshi as we were reading his Articles in newspapers. We consulted him. He listened all my complaints very carefully & saw all my reports. He told me that you will be completely cured. These words gave me lots of hope. To my great surprise, within 15 days of treatment, I started improving.
My Appetite improved & gradually my Weight increased. All my physical & psychological problems were cured. My anxiety was gone. I found new strength & stamina of life in me. Before starting Dr.Doshi”s treatment, my complaints were not diagnosed properly, so I had doubts of having Cancer, but by Dr.Pradipbhai”s treatment, within six months I was completely cured.
After 3 years I had problem of “Dropping Eyes”, alongwith it I had severe headache. We consulted Eye Specialist. He diagnosed it as “Myasthenia Gravis” & said that the treatment of this disease is available abroad. Great actor Amitabh Bachhan also had same problem & he was also cured there. But I did not want to go abroad for the treatment. So I again consulted Dr.Pradeepbhai Doshi & with his treatment I recovered completely from this disease.
With your “Confistrenth Drops”, I got lots of benefits. I wish other patients also get cure with your valuable treatment. My disease was considered “incurable”, but with Dr.Pradipbhai’s deep interest in patient & caring treatment, to-day I am completely cured. With my experience, I would like to enlighten people that Depression is also curable & every disease is curable, complete your treatment with full faith & patience.
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Prostate Enlargement got cured without operation
I am 74 yrs. old. In 2002 I had urinary problem. I felt like passing urine, but it didn’t passed. After 3-4 months I consulted my family doctor. According to him it was prostate problem & advised me to undergo surgery, but due to my old age I was not willing so. I consulted Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi on 14-11-02, almost 8-10 months after my problem started. The listened me very carefully & said that I will be alright without Operation, only with ‘herbal drops’. This words took away helf of my pains & I got mentally relaxed, He gave me some ‘drops’ & advised me for urine test & sonography. I did that & after seeing the reports, Dr.Pradip Doshi saheb said that there was no complication.
Gradually my problems lessened & within 10-12 weeks, I was completely alright & without any operation with such safe but effective ‘herbal drops’ I am completely healthy to-day.
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Mouth Ulcer
Rajendra Adhyaru
My name is Rajendra Adhyaru. I had ulcer in my mouth & Surgery was done. 2 months after that I had tumor in my throat which also was operated. After that I was advised to take rays, but instead of it I preferred Aurvedic medicines & I had one pamphlet of Dr.Pradip Doshi and through it I consulted him. I take his medicines since last 2-2.1/2 Months & I am feeling much better now.
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My Ulcerative Colitis is cured
Shashikant Parmar, 25-2-2000
  My name is Shashikant. My age is 32 yrs. Before 3 yrs. approx. I had Ulcer problem & had much bleeding in stool. I came to know about Dr.Pradip Doshi through Dr. Manoj Goda & came here for treatment. I am totally relieved with Pradip Doshi’s treatment. And within 2 .5 yrs. approximately, I have no any kind of problem & his medicines are completely side- effect free & now I am completely cured.
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Sunil Shah

My name is Sunil Shah. I had a problem of epilepsy from last 15 to 17 years. Before I do not know about epilepsy. But in 1993, I had many problems from this disease. From 1993 to 1997, I had not taken any medicine. But in 1997, I had also a same problem. Round about 15/3/2003, I had pain in my leg and hand. So my brother-in-law Mr. Jayesh Sheth had advised me to consult Dr. Pradip Doshi. I am taking medicines from Pradip Doshi. Now I am feeling well.

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Recovery from Epilepsy & Cerebral palsey ( Paralysis due to Brain injury during birth)
Padmaben R.Shah
  My son Sachin had convulsions after birth . Due to it, his nerves of hands & feet got stretched due to which he become disabled. We consulted many Orthopaedic doctors & also took treatment. We also consulted many doctors for Epilepsy, but there was no result. We had read Dr. Pradipbhais articles in Gujarat Samachar. We wished to consult him, but we thought that his fees must be high. But finally we consulted him. We told him our economical status & he treated my son without charging anything. In the beginning, Sachin had 5-7 convulsions a day , but after Dr.Pradipbhai’s treatment, he had convulsion once in 15-20 days & that too for 1-2 mins. Now he can do his work on his own. His memory, mental development is also very good now.
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Confidence, Concentration, Memory increased
Swapnil Parekh

My name is Swapnil Parekh. I read in local newspaper about Dr.Pradip Doshi’s Riddhi Yog & I joined the course which was for 10 days. During these days, I got lots of benefits. My thinking capacity, decision making & confidence increased. I get deep sound sleep at night. I can study more in less hours. My mind has become peaceful, steady & strong. By attending this ‘Shibir’ I feel happy & I am very thankful to Dr.Pradip A. Doshi.

Concentration, Confidence, Memory increased
Vikas S. Prajapa
My name is Vikas S. Prajapati. I am a student. In local newspaper I read about Dr.Pradip Doshi’s Riddhi Dhyan-Yog & I joined it. This ‘Shibir’ is for 5+5=10 days. After finishing these 10 days, to-day I feel quite different. After joining this ‘Shibir’, my decision-making power, understanding, concentration, memory is increased tremendously. I can remember more studying for less hours. To achieve this ‘Sidhhi’, I am very much thankful to Dr.Pradip Doshi.
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Sharif Kanuga
My name is Sharif Kanuga. I was suffering from Backache since 7 years. Doctors had advised me to undergo Surgery. I was ready for it, but in between I read Dr.Pradip Doshi’s article in Gujarat Samachar & I consulted him. With his medicines I can walk, go out easily, can lift weight. With his treatment he made me walk again.
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Rebirth from Death-bed
Ratilal Ambalal Sheth
My name is Ratilal Ambalal Sheth. I am the convener of laughing club & a social worker at Vadodara. Due to regular exercises, my health was good. But all of a sudden, due to drinking water or eating something from outside, I got ill. In the beginning, symptoms of Jaundice were found so I was hospitalized in Physician’s Hospital. I had other problems like ulcers in stomach, severe acidity along with Jaundice. After undergoing Kidney Sonography, endoscopies, CT Scan etc. it was known that there was swelling in part of stomach of small intestine. Due to this disease I had nausea-vomiting, thick sputum, loss of Appetite, weakness. At last, my son Jayesh who stays at Ahmedabad, brought me to Dr.Pradip A. Doshi. With his Homoeopathy treatment & Dhyan, I got relief. The food intake which was completely stopped started. With Allopathic medicines I got no recovery and was much harassed. When I had lost all hopes of life, your treatment cured me completely & to-day at the age of 77 years I have no problem.
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I could breath again
Chirag Patel
God has always balanced his children irrespective of caste& creed.He has always appreciated the efforts and inputs by them. The prayers are never unanswered only sometimes the answer is no. Its human nature to challenge for better comfort. I also had this opportunity. My self Chirag Patel born (Feb.87) lactose intolerant had a very trouble some period & in childhood Cough, Bronchitis, Cold & Viral infections were recurring problems. My parents were very prompt for availing the treatment. Ample doses of allopathy would equate my food intake. Additionally I was not allowed to consume lot of variety of food like sweet meais, cold drinks, milk, lentils ,fresh uncooked fruits,etc.This all left me always frustrated in 1991-92, I had my first attack of wheezing when I returned back after watching circus. Immediately allopathing treatment has given, but gradually my parents opted for homeopathic & Ayurvedic medicines. But the breathlessness attack frequently occured, and each time I was advised with some or other ban on food.It was getting difficult to attend school which I has always loved to go. In year ‘97 I was admitted to school in Ooty away from home. There the health was little better,but very difficult evev with school authories to cope up with my illness. By now I was labelled acute asthamatic student Seeing other student play outside, I would burn with envy and frustate my self for my bake existence. still on Homeopathy medication thetiming for doses were very irritating to maintain & so was the limmitation for food. In 2002 my mother read about Dr. Doshi & his treatement for asthma. Immediately,we consulted him and started his treatment. Soon after my health started gething better,there came a day when I felt I had strated breathing first time. Graduaally I was miracously well, thro’a year and today practically I am moving arround without any medicine.
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My name is Ramaben. My daughter is suffering from headache from many years. I had taken medicines from many doctors. But there was no change. During this, I came to know about Dr. Prapbhai Doshi who is a well-known homeopathic doctor. I had no faith in homeopathic and I thought about another expense. In spite of this I come to him. Now her pain is gone. From sometimes I had a same problem. So I also consult Dr. Pradip Doshi.
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My Chronic Headache is cured
Smt.R.N.vachhani, 11-8-03
My name is Smt. R.N.Vachhani. I had severe headache since last 20 years & continues vomiting since 10 years. For 3-3 days continously I was having severe headache & I also had problem of Menstruation. I got good recovery within very short period by Dr.Pradip Doshi Saheb’s treatment. He is a very good & humane doctor- this is my personal clear opinion. I have spend approximately 30 to 40 thousand rupees on Allopathy medicines, but still I never had such relief or recovery. To-day I’m completely cured by Dr.Doshi;s medicines. Taking medicines is also very easy. It is easy to carry even when we go out of station.
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I’m cured from Rheumatoid Arthritis
Vinayak Dave, 11-8-03
I am Vinayak Dave. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis since October,’99. Left Knee joint, joints of both hands’ fingers, wrist joint, shoulder joint etc. were affected due to it. Because of it, I had problem in walking, sitting, standing, writing & doing any work with hands & I was affected mentally too. For this problems, I had taken Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Physiotherapy treatment previously, but was not much releived. For time being I got relief, but then again ‘as it is’. My brother- in- law Shri Atulbhai C. Dave (Reserve Bank of India) was taking your treatment for Asthama & according to his suggestion, opinion & the result he got, I started taking your treatment since 01-02-01. To-day I’m completely cured. I can walk properly, write properly, can do all my work & even ride a vehicle ( Luna). I have much recovery with your treatment & wish other patients also get benefit of your treatment. You have treated me giving personal care & attention & for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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I am cured from Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ramilaben, 29-10-2002
I Ramilaben, staying at Gandhinagar, is working as a teacher. Before 1 .5 -2 years approx. I had problem of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The attack was more severe, so I was bed- ridden for many months & I was unable to do any work. I had stiffness of muscles & joints. I was unable to walk in home also. I had taken leave for 8 months from school due to this problem. I took Ayurvedic treatment for 6 months, but there was no relief. During this period we read an article of Dr.Pradip Doshi in Gujarat Samachar in Wednesday’s edition & we decided to take his treatment. I have 80% relief with his medicines & exercises which he suggested to do. Before his treatment, I had oedema on feet & hands which are now cured completely. Pain is also very less. I can do my work, can stretch my hands upwards which I was unable to do previously. I can come from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad by bus. Now I am confident that I will be cured completely. I had already left hopes that I will be ever able to get up from bed, but due to Dr.Pradip Doshi’s medicines, I got new life.
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Got relief form Liver problem
Mukesh Panchal, 6-2-2003
I got severe pain on right side in liver since 31-5-89. I took treatment from welknown doctors & also from Hinduja Hospital, X-ray, sonography were done & medicines given accordingly, but there was no recovery. Finally on 22-8-2000 I started Dr.Pradipbhai’s treatment. Within 6 months my liver pain was cured completely.
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Gas-Acidity cured
I feel very happy to say that Dr.Pradip Doshi has treated me for my Gas-Acidity & GERD problem. So, I almost got rid of all my problems. For this I would like to draw attention at two points. (1) Dr. Doshi’s full confidence to cure the patient . (2) Dr. Doshi’s ability to diagnose perfectly & give proper medicines. I wish Dr. Pradip Doshi & his unit best wishes for their success. Note: My wife & 2 daughters also take treatment from Dr. Pradip Doshi & I am sure they will also get cured with this treatment.
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I’am cured from Post-operative Acidity
Laxmanbhai Thadesar, 18-9-2001
I, Laxmanbhai, had Severe Acidity & Vomiting after the operation of gallbladder. Due to that I had swelling in Stomach & Duodenum. Moreover I had Cervical Spondylosis. I took Orthopaedic Doctor’s treatment for 3 months, but no relief. Inspite, Acidity & Abdominal pain increased due to medicines. I had lost my Confidence, got depressed due to my long illness & tension. With all my above problems I met Dr.Pradipbhai Doshi & I was cured just like ‘Midas Touch’ ! I feel as if Dr. Saheb has brought me out of Depression by holding my hands. My self-confidence & courage increased, my willingness of living life created. This all happened only due to Dr.Pradipbhai Saheb’s treatment. Now I can take food properly , sleep soundly, can do all my routin work of business & family regularly. Now I’m living stable, regular life.
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Brief deatails of allergic cold I have been suffering from:
Priti S.Nair, 12-6-2002
I have been suffering from cold (allergic cold), coupled with running nose, clogged nostrils, and sometimes consequent fever and headache, say, for the last five years or so, i.e. from 1997. I am affected with this kind of illness only during winter, and sometimes, in the beginning of summer also, particularly when the dust starts raising in the atmosphere. Initially I have been taking allopathic treatment from our family doctor. He used to prescribe antibiotic medicines, and initially, it gave some relief after taking the medicines sometimes dry, and sometimes with a lot of phlegm (sputum). In the earlier two-three years, I used to get some relief after taking the antibiotic medicines, and medicines for cold and cough. The medicines I used to take Lots of Allopathic Medicines.. But gradually I found that these medicines were not producing necessary results, and the illness was prolonging for the more number of days. In fact, for the last one year or so, even after taking different allopathic medicines for more number of days, say, one month or so, I was not getting any relief and I used to suffer a lot. Even the blood tests etc., conducted could not diagnose the exact reasons for this prolonged allergic cold. Therefore, on the advice of some of my friends, I decided to go for homoeopathic treatment, i.e. in early March 2002. Accordingly I consulted Dr.Pradip Doshi, Homeopathic consultant Doctor, who readily gave me an assurance that I will be completely cured of the disease. I have been taking the medicines prescribed by him for the last four months or so, and I’m happy to mention that I am completely cured of the disease. Thanks to Dr.Pradeep Doshi and his medical staff. Even now I am continuing with his treatment.
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My daugther is cured from Focal Convulsion
Jaishree B. Shah, 11-8-03
  Saheb Shri Doshi Saheb, With great joy I would like to inform you that with your medicines my daughter Bhakti’s all problems are solved. Before 2 yrs. my daughter got head injury, due to that, often she got vertigo & fall down. That time she was also getting unconscious. So I consulted Neurophysician of V.S. Hospital & started his treatment. We took his treatment for 2 months regluary, but her problem was not cured nor she got any relief. I was regularly reading ‘ Bullet’ column of Dr.Doshi in Gujarat Samachar, So I thought of starting his treatment. I’m taking my daughter’s medicines from Dr.Doshi Saheb reglularly since 2 years. I give her medicines according to his advise. I have great pleasure in saying that my daughter had no single attack of vertigo or unconsciousness after starting Doshi Saheb’s treatment & Allopathy medicines were gradually stopped. Within few days there will be no need of any medicines for my daughter. For this. I & my family is grateful to Doshi Saheb. I wish more & more people get benefit of your valuable services & treatment.
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I am cured from Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chintan Mehta
I am Chintan Mehta. I had abdominal problem since last 3-4 years. I had frequent Diarrhoea. Doctors diagnosed my problem as ‘ Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ (IBS). After pasing stool for 4-5 times a day, I felt much weakness. Inspite of continuous treatment, I had no recovery. And due to this problem of mine, I used to stay psychologically disturbed. On 17-03-2003 I came to Dr. Pradip A. Doshi & started his treatment. To my asstonishment, within 1 week I got relief & to-day I am completely healthy. I have no problem at all. My Depression is also gone.
Gall Bladder Stones Cured
Rajendra Desai
  I , Rajendra Desai , a resident of Surat , was dectected with large number of minute stones in gall bladder in November 2010. As a result of this , the Common Bile Duct was obstructed . Hence the Fats & Cholestrol containing food was not digsted . Over and above this there was severe pain in the upper right side of abdomin accompined with Nausea & Vomitting . The Doctors adviced me to operate & remove my Gall Bladder. During this time I came across 'Kranti Yuddh' ,a weekly magazine, in which I read an article by Dr. Pradip Doshi about "Curing of Gall Bladder Stone". So I contacted him immediately and started the treatment of Homoeopathic medicine. Now after just 3 months I am completely cured.I am thankful to Dr, Pradip Doshi for curing my Gall bladder stones.
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Improvement in Mental Retardation
Dhavni Patel

My daughter Dhavni was suffering from jaundice since her birth.But was detected on 6th day.The Doctors Told to change the Blood immediately as it has mixed with blood.Thrice The Blood was changed.But when she was 37 days she hyperthyroidism was detected during blood test.Immediately medication was started. The doctor said that the deficiency of medicine as she might be suffering since her birth have caused her metal retardation.Hence Her life would be in bed & you will have to serve her all her life.Her medication continued same medicine for 3 years.The Doctor suggested Dr.Pradip Doshi , a homoeopath as this same.They started her medicine under Dr. Pradip Doshi's Guidance when she was 3 years.She could not sit,could not walk properly,etc.With 3 and 1/2 year of medication she learnt to sit , Balancing,etc.She now is able to make the food also like Rotis, Vegetable,Maggi , Pizzas,pastas,etc.She gave the 10th Standard exam and passed out with flying colors.This was all possible Due to Dr. Pradip Doshi.

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