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Dr. Pradip A. Doshi Has completed his graduation From A.J. Savla Homoeopathic Medical College. He recieved his degree in Acupuncture from G.T. Hospital & Medical College, Mumbai. He has been studied In deep about Ayurved,Naturopathy for the Research works. He As been sucessful in Curing Many Incureble cases.He is expert in Reading diseases from the Pulse ( Known As Naadi Vaid in India).He Has worked as Acupuncturist in Institute Of Kidney Diseases, Civil Hospital, Asrwa. He was Columnist in Leading Newspaper 'Gujarat Samachar'.He Has devoted his life to Research & providing Pure Herbal Medicines to his Patients.

Dr.(Miss) Rajeshwari Doshi, D/o Dr. Pradip A. Doshi Has Completed her Studies From Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College. She Has been Assisting her father since 2010. She is also Columnist in 'Sandesh' Newspaper.

Dr.(Miss) Maulika Doshi, D/o Dr. Pradip A. Doshi has been Graduated In Pharmacy From L.J. Institute Of Pharmacy. She has done Masters In Mass Communication & Journalism from Gujarat Univesity, Holds a degree in Naturopathy & Now pursuing her Masters In Pharmacy From L.M. Institute Of Pharmacy.She Is Assisting her Father since 2011. Now she personally looks after the Production Of Medicines & Herbs.

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